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By Mohan Babu

yercaud lake tamilnadu india

I have read a lot about English summer though I have not experienced it. The English summer is warmer than the severe winter and so it is a welcome thing for the English. In India,we get to experience extreme summer or winter in the plains. Most hill stations are far too cold during rainy seasons or winter. Yercaud is located at an ideal altitude of about 1500 meters above sea level that makes its climate closer to English summer throughout the year. That makes Yercaud one of the most pleasant hill stations in India. Yercaud is a hill station located in South India very close to Salem. It is also within driving distance from Chennai. It takes about six hours from Chennai by road to reach Yercaud. 

yercaud tamilnadu greenery

Trekking is a must-do activity in Yercaud. A couple of hours trek from the town should lead you to a beautiful waterfalls. Surrounded by nature, the trek is an unforgivable experience. There is a saying that "the journey is as important as the destination". It applies to this trek as you would enjoy the full duration of the trek and not just the destination.

The lake is another attraction where one can do boating or even venture into cycling around the lake. It is interesting that the town is named after the lake. Yercaud actually means "lake forest" in Tamil (Yeri + Caudu = Yercaud).

​We have a few temples in Yercaud that the spiritually inclined would appreciate. Everyone can enjoy the visit to these temples for their aesthetic appeal. One should not forget to visit the temple with a cave. While they would not allow access beyond the entrance of this cave, there are stories that this cave runs into several kilometers.

One should not forget to pick up the home made chocolates being sold across many outlets. We always pick up chocolates from an outlet located very close to Hotel Sherveroy though I could not remember the name now. We also get quality herbal oils from many stores in Yercaud including Citronella oil, lemon grass oil and Eucalyptus oil.

Yercaud has many diverse options for stay. Sherveroy hotel is one of the very best and it is located close to the lake. Sterling hotel is also a good option with an exceptional view of the valley below. The Government run TTDC is also located close to the lake and it is a good value-for-money option. Grange is an interesting option located in a very secluded place that could appeal to large groups or those who seek escape from the hustle bustle of life. ​

​No matter where you stay, it is worthwhile to try the food at Hotel Sherveroy and TTDC hotel. Sherveroy has a multi cuisine restaurant with diverse food options. TTDC has a more homely South Indian feel to it.