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quiz on solar system


1) What is the second most massive planet in the Solar system? 

2) Name all our inferior planets in the solar system.

3) What is the other name for a shooting star?

4) What is the second least massive planet in the solar system?

​5)  What does a Torino scale tell you in astronomy?

6) What is the largest asteroid ever discussed in solar system? (it is easy since we are not asking for the second largest asteroid).

7) What is the other name for a space rock found on Earth?

8) Edmond Halley was not the first to observe the famous Halley comet. Why was it named after him then?

9) What is the most massive minor planet in solar system?

​10) How many moons orbit the planet Venus?

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1) Saturn is the second most massive planet after Jupiter.

2) Venus and Mercury are our inferior planets (their orbits are closer to Sun than that of Earth)

3) Meteor is the name given to a shooting star. A meteor shower represents a large number of shooting stars on a given night

​4) Mars is the second least massive planet after Mercury.

5) Torino scale tells us the risk of impact of a near earth object like an asteroid or a comet.

6) Ceres is the largest asteroid discovered thus far at about 920 km radius. This asteroid has no chance of coming anywhere close to earth in the future. If it does, there is no chance that any life form would survive the impact.

7) Space rocks are called meteorites when found on Earth. Space rocks are called meteoroids or asteroids when they are still on space.

8) Edmond Halley was the first to predict the orbit and periodicity of this comet. The people who observed the comet earlier did not know that the same comet was visiting us once every 76 years or so.

9) Eris is the most massive minor planet discovered thus far in the solar system. The second most massive is Pluto.

10) Venus has no Moons. Mercury is the other planet without any moons.

Why do I say quiz is a easier way to learn astronomy? We would never forget an answer that we missed answering in a quiz program. In this section. we would have few questions regarding our solar system. Try answering these before you step into the other sections. Solar system includes asteroids and comets besides the planets and the moons.  Test your present knowledge and improve it further by taking our  quiz.

Solar system quiz