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By Mohan Babu

It is lot easier to buy books online as one can browse through a lot of titles before deciding which one to buy. To make life easier, there are lots of book reviews available from different people giving a broad perspective. What are these book reviews? Book reviews are critical analysis of a book based on its content, merit and style. The quality of a book review differs from one reviewer to another. We can always find a review that is in line with our tastes and expectations.

​There are various payment methods available while buying a book online. One can make a payment through credit card or debit card. One can also pay by cash on delivery in certain cases. This makes it easier for those who are not inclined to make credit card payments online. We also get to see a wide range of books online that may not be possible otherwise. So the world is slowly but surely moving to online shopping. Just click one of the links given below and inside the link, you can browse the full collection of books. Give it a try.

Reading books is a rewarding hobby if we are reading the books of the right kind. We can read a book to improve our knowledge on a specific subject or to merely have the joy of reading something that we like. We need not always be the readers but we can also take up an active interest in writing. Many of us would not know our hidden talents and it is possible that we may excel while writing about topics that interest us the most.

The best way to test one's writing ability is to start writing blogs in blogger or a similar service. There are also dedicated websites called online community platforms for publishing content online. Squidoo and Hubpages are two such online community platforms that one may consider. It could be any topic that interests you. I love astronomy and so I enjoy writing about the same.

You can also consider publishing a book if you have a passion towards writing. The book need not always be printed on paper. We can publish an ebook without incurring any major cost..There are free publishing sites like Lulu that offers free publishing services and also offer valuable assistance in marketing these e-books.

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