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By Mohan Babu

Amateur astronomy is the most popular science hobby that has interested thousands of men and women all around the world. An attempt has been made here to cover the astronomy basics for one to develop an active interest in sky watching. The space we see above is the school where we can learn numerous things.

Amateur astronomy is not just like any other hobby but people take it up to find the answers to the many fundamental questions dodging us for ages. Why are we here? Why do we exist? One day, space science could help us in finding the ultimate truth. For now, let us enjoy the star gazing and marvel at the power of creation.

Night sky watching

One needs to have a liking for night sky without which astronomy or space science is less likely to appeal. We need to have a basic knowledge of the brightest objects in night sky and this would happen only by frequent star gazing. One need not even invest in a telescope or a binocular to start with.

There are plenty of objects in the night sky that we can spot with our own eyes. The brightest one is the Sun, followed by Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Sirius, the star, in that order. The sky is actually filled with as many stars in the day time as in the night. Sun is so bright that one cannot spot any other star or solar system planets during day time.

Moon alone can be spotted easily in daytime skies. If you have not done this already, this can very well be the interesting first assignment for you. One must also have the urge to learn more about the theories related to astronomy like space, time, gravity and black holes.

craters on Moon

We need to understand more about the world above us to realize our true potential. Everything seem to be be going in cycles when we look at planets, moons and stars. We see similar cycles in our lives too. Things do not remain the same way for ever. We see cyclical patterns in weather, stock markets and economy. We also go through ups and downs in our own lives that is very similar to the cyclical nature of the cosmos. The major driving force for most astronomers is to understand the purpose and meaning of our own existence in the vast expanse of this universe.

beetle fog galaxy NGC 6302

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